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” Great message!
Excellent teaching!!! “

Matthäus YouTube Listener
” Thank you for this explanation.
It makes sense. Jesus is the only way to heaven. “

Monliza YouTube Listener
” That was a beautiful teaching Rich and very helpful.
Keep them coming. “

Maria YouTube Listener
” Thank you so much for your video. I had a really horrible experience years ago. Now involved with a lovely church where I am able to grow in a safe spiritual environment, feeling blessed. “

Daughter of Christ YouTube Listener

Meet Rich


I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, reared in Marietta, Georgia, received a BSc Corporate Management from Florida Atlantic University, a Master of Divinity from Columbia International University and a PhD from the University of Birmingham, UK. I have lived in Chad, Africa, India and in the UK for 17 years. Since March 2015, I have resettled back into the USA as a Bible teacher. From 1993, I worked with Operation Mobilization and, since 2002, I have ministered as a Pastor and Charity Director of Calvary Chapel Birmingham, UK. I love studying and teaching the Bible. It makes me happy to see people understand God's love, His grace and His promises.